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Introduction of Concrete Block Automatic Production Line
1. By adopting the international famous brand for the key components of the production line and the hydraulic controlling way of the moving parts, this building machine can use fly-ash cinder, slag, tailings, coal gangue, and ceramic granule as raw material mixing with small amount of concrete to produce various new type of construction and building materials, such as: standard brick, multi-hole brick, standard hollow brick, and pavers, without sintering process.
2. Based on the international advanced design concepts and combined with our own patented design, this concrete brick machine can effectively reduce the soil damage from the clay brick and greatly protect the environment.
3. Our creative and patented design allows us to provide our customers high quality products which can be comparable to the European machine but with much lower price.

Features of Concrete Block Automatic Production Line
1. With the patented technology of twin shaft high frequency compacting system with variable frequency and amplitude.
2. Absolutely synchronous system for mould moving up and down.
3. With the patented technology of driven shaker grate with composite move.
4. Independently integrated hydraulic drive unit with oil cooling and heating device and quick compensation system.
5. Facing concrete device (2nd feeding device) as option.
6. Key hydraulic and electronic elements are all of famous brand.
7. PLC controlling system with PC, which has friendly interface, data input and output, diagram display, and also can record production and operation data.

Main Configuration of Concrete Block Automatic Production Line
Elevator / Rotate Brush for Block / Green Block Conveyor / Block Making Machine / Pallet Feeder / Pallet Hopper / Pallet Cross Transfer Device / Control System / Pallet Turning Device / Pallet Chain Conveyor / Pallet Cleaning Brush / Dry Block Conveyor / Lowerator / Finger Car / Production Pallet Magazine / Automatic Cuber / Slat Conveyor / Curing Kiln

Pallet Size mm 1300×670 1400×700 1350×900 1400×1150
Operation Cycle s 15-25 15-25 15-25 15-30
Installed Power kw 220 240 280 340
Work Area m2 1200 1800 2200 2600

Production Capacity List of Concrete Block Automatic Production Line

390×190×190 Standard Hollow Block pcs/pallet 6 9 12 15
pcs/hour 1,200 1,800 2,400 3,000
pcs×104/year 576 864 1,152 1,440
240×115×53 Standard Brick pcs/pallet 38 50 60 85
pcs/hour 7,200 12,000 144,000 204,000
pcs×104/year 3,456 5,760 6,912 9,762

Note: We can design and manufacture different shapes of block and bricks completely according to our customers' specific requirements.

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