Sponge Production Line/ Foam Production Line

Sponge Production Line

Brief Introduction:
Sponge, mainly made out of Polyurethane (PU), is fireproof, anti-static, sound-insulated, heat-retaining and recyclable etc. As a result, it has become the most welcomed product in the decorative industry.
HiSuccess, specializing in this area for almost 10 years, has been providing our clients state-of-the-art sponge production line, advanced technical formulation, special worker-training, and prompt and complete after service on the purpose that our clients could adopt international-standard technology and machines producing the most economical and best-quality sponges. We believe we could success together.

Flow Chart

Main Parameters of Sponge Production Line:

Item Parameters
Foaming Components 11-18 kinds of materials
Foaming Density (kg/m3) 6-50
Foaming Speed (m3/min) 9-15
Foaming Width (mm) 1200-2300
Foaming Thickness (mm) 500-1200
Size of the Production Line (m) 35×5×3 (L×W×H)
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